Busting Popular Pest Myths

There’s so much information regarding pest problems and pest control out there that it’s difficult to know what’s genuine. When looking for an easy technique to get rid of pests, you’ll come up with 1000s of different options. Some of these findings are based on expert research, while others are just misconceptions. Keeping this in mind, we at Target Pest Control have compiled a list of pest control myths. 

A Bed bug problem can be solved with home pest control  

Bed bugs are very hard to identify as they are minuscule and multiply fast making it a hard problem to solve by yourself. Therefore, bed bugs are best left to the professionals as it can get out of control really quickly. 

Bugs don’t like clean houses

You might believe that having a pristine home would keep bugs away, but this is a common misconception. A clean house, on the other hand, is more pest-resistant than a dirty dwelling. Fleas, bed bugs, and termites aren’t attracted to your house depending on how clean it is. As a result, no amount of disinfection will be able to keep them away. 

One way to keep pests away is finding and sealing the entry points as it only takes a small opening for the pests to feel welcomed. 

Pets are Natural Pest Deterrent 

Another misconception is that if you have pets, you won’t have to worry about bugs since they act as natural pest deterrents. Because they are already fuelled by the kibble you give them, pets are uninspired to seek bugs and rodents. However, keeping pets might attract more fleas and other unpleasant pests because the food scraps in their bowls attract hungry bugs. 

Mice Like Cheese 

You may have heard this one from a young age as you saw cartoon mice being attracted by cheese. Unfortunately this is not true, even though people have used cheese to trap mice. Studies have shown mice like something a little more sweet like peanut butter, so remember this next time you want to trap a rat

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