How To Protect Your Commercial Property From Pests

Pests are obnoxious animals that scurry about, cause damage, and are likely to contain infections that can lead to illnesses. These pests could reduce workplace productivity, interfere with regular operations, and even affect the company’s reputation in the business world. Continue reading to learn how to keep bugs out of your workplace and reputation.


Prevent Contamination

You need to adhere to different health and safety regulations in your kitchen or place of business to prevent insect contamination of food. The most crucial of these is to maintain a spotless workplace. This is particularly significant for the food industry. To the greatest extent feasible, you should try to keep pests away from your kitchen. Start by securing all food in pantries with tight-sealing doors and lockable containers. Next, before locking up your kitchen for the evening, make sure that all surfaces are well cleaned. The floors should be mopped as part of this. Bins need to be emptied and all food waste should be disposed of. Bins that are overflowing should never be left inside the kitchen as this will invite bugs.


Declutter Storage Areas

Packing your possessions in tightly sealed containers is the best method to prevent pests from getting into them. It’s best to use plastic containers, especially for clothing, linens, and other textiles. Although insects and rodents might move over the ground, it is advisable to keep your possessions up high. Using open shelves or laying out clean pallets on the ground are simple ways to do this. 


Clean and Sanitise 

More often than ever before, sanitising and disinfecting are performed on hard surfaces in heavy traffic areas. Cleaning the floors frequently is an important part of prioritising sanitation in your workplace because even a few crumbs left on desks, in break rooms, or in company kitchens can attract rats and insects. 

If your business has a commercial kitchen, we advise including the use of a biological cleanser while mopping and cleaning floor drains in your regularly scheduled cleaning schedule to guarantee the eradication of possible breeding grounds. 

Take Rubbish Out Daily 

Throughout the working day, rubbish bins should be emptied into outdoor bins. Additionally, outside waste area slabs need to be cleaned frequently, and dumpsters need to be emptied on a regular basis. All large rubbish bins should be placed outside and have tight-fitting lids.


Find Hiding Places 

Keep an eye on where they are hiding in the first place. Due to the availability of food, rubbish bins and the kitchen are popular locations. As well as rubbish and water, restrooms are another potential location. Move bookcases and furniture to look for any odd movement.

Most pests can enter buildings through cracks, holes, or pipes running through the walls because of their small size. Make sure to note these locations in the office layout.



Everything must be done to prevent rats and pests from entering the business premises for the safety and health of your clients, customers, and staff. Target Pest Control can help, give our professional team a call on 01162340078 or fill out a contact form on our website. 

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