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When unwanted guests make themselves at home in your property, we can help. At Target Pest Control & Hygiene Ltd, we are pest control specialists. We also offer a range of hygiene services for your commercial property, including waste disposal and washroom services, as well as property cleaning for domestic residences. With a highly qualified and experienced team, many of whom have a Level 2 qualification in pest management, you can feel confident that your property is in professional hands. We pride ourselves on offering a reliable, discreet and effective service to tackle all kinds of pests, from rats and rodents to wasps, airborne insects and birds.

Fast & Effective Solutions

Using targeted, environmentally responsible techniques and proven pest control methods, we can quickly eradicate the problem and discourage pests from returning. Pest control requires specialist knowledge and the right equipment, so we recommend always calling in the experts and never attempting to deal with pests yourself – particularly in the case of a wasp nest.

Discreet, Professional Service

We understand the importance of offering a discreet service when treating a pest problem, particularly if you need our pest control services at work or in a public place. We will work to quickly complete any treatment with minimal disruption to your property, business or the general public. Each project begins with a visit to your property to assess the problem and discuss your pest control needs. We will then choose the most effective treatment to eliminate the pest in question from your property. Free estimates are available for all of our work, so get in touch today to find out more.


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