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Are unwanted birds causing havoc in your premises? Do you want to get rid of them? Target Pest Control & Hygiene Ltd offers affordable bird control services to customers across the UK. Contact us today.

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Expert Bird Control For Your Premises

Birds can be unwelcome guests at your premises, blocking gutters, dislodging roof tiles and defacing vehicles and buildings with their droppings. Birds can also encourage insects like bird mites, fleas and textile pests. That’s why it’s important to combat problem birds before they make themselves at home.

Remove these unwanted visitors with help from Target Pest Control & Hygiene Ltd. We offer a range of bird control services, all designed to safely and effectively discourage birds from your premises using environmentally responsible methods. To get started please get in touch today.

Bird Proofing & Deterrent Options

Through effective bird proofing and deterrents, you can make your property less welcoming to birds. We can install polycarbonate anti-roosting spike systems to walls, ledges and roofs, as well as fitting bird netting to prevent birds from accessing specific areas of your property. If birds are already established at your property, we can remove and dispose of nests and roosts, as well as remove nest blockages from the guttering.

Tailored Pest Solutions For Your Premises

Providing bird proofing for industrial and heritage sites as well as offices, shopping centres, airports and more. Whatever your requirements and however large or small your site, we can provide a safe, cost-effective bird control solution, working discreetly and with minimal disruption to you or your business. To restore your property to its pre-bird best, we also offer property cleaning services, effectively removing any signs of birds and their droppings. We serve the East Midlands covering Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley so for a FREE estimate or more details about any of the bird control and bird proofing services we offer, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Affordable Solutions For Controlling Birds

  • Removal of bird nests and roosts
  • Polycarbonate anti-roosting spike systems
  • Bird netting systems
  • Removing nests causing blockages

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